Workers’ Compensation and COVID-19


During this time of crisis, it’s extremely important to understand that COVID-19, if contracted during your course of work, qualifies as a Workers’ Compensation illness.  In other words, if you end up getting the disease, because of a coworker, client, or anyone else you come in contact with during the course of your work day, you may be eligible to receive Workers’ Compensation benefits because of it.  As the information regarding the disease, and how it relates to Workers’ Compensation benefits grows, the demand will too.

Workers’ Compensation is one of our state’s greatest achievements.  It allows injured workers to receive benefits despite missing time from work.  However, in order to receive these benefits, the cause of your missed time must be work-related. This is the biggest challenge in proving any occupational illness as a workers’ compensation injury, because it can be difficult to prove that you got the virus at work and not from someone outside of work. If you were directly exposed at work to someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19 and you have bene effectively socially isolating yourself outside of work, you may have a good case.

Why is it important that you are aware of these protections?  As the disease spreads, the likelihood of getting it increases.  If you are considered essential, you will be forced to leave isolation and put yourself at risk for the greater good of our country.  We are so thankful for your sacrifices and continued dedication, but also recognize the risks that come with it.  With growing cases will come growing demand for Workers’ Compensation benefits due to increased exposure.  If you experience COVID-19 symptoms we recommend you immediately contact a medical professional.  If you are forced to miss time from work because of these symptoms, or any other injury/illness, you should immediately contact a Workers’ Compensation attorney.

At O’Connor Law, we are fully staffed with experienced expert attorneys, who have handled a wide variety of Workers’ Compensation claims for many years.  Fortunately, our firm has been prepared to handle an event like the COVID-19 pandemic, and despite closing our physical offices, we remain 100% functional.  Our attorneys are ready and willing to help workers, who are in need of compensation.  If you feel that you or a loved one qualifies for Workers’ Compensation benefits, or would like to inquire if they do, please contact us immediately.  As demand grows, the process may be slowed, so it’s important you act fast.  You can also visit our website, for more information.  It is never too soon, but it is too often too late.

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