The Benefits of Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

O’Connor Law has been practicing in workers’ compensation since the founding of our firm in 1989. For more than three decades, our firm has earned a successful record of assisting clients in receiving their rightful benefits. If you are filing for workers’ compensation benefits or looking to hire an attorney, please contact O’Connor Law at 800-518-4LAW.

Advise Clients to Receive Medical Attention
When filing a claim, an official medical examination or documents will be required. If medical information is incorrect or insufficient, a person’s claim may be denied. Attorneys can also recommend clients to visit a local medical official for an evaluation of their injuries.

Allow Clients to Focus on Healing
By hiring a workers’ compensation attorney, clients will be able to spend more time and energy to focus on healing their injuries. Attorneys will be able to facilitate certain case documents, attend court hearings, and face insurance companies. At O’Connor Law, we want our clients to recover from their injuries and receive their rightful amount of compensation. Our clients will be able to concentrate on their recovery while our attorneys focus on their case.

Assistance with Re-filing a Denied Claim
It can be difficult to submit a workers’ compensation claim after it has been denied. There can be many reasons regarding why claims are denied at first. If your claim has been wrongfully denied, our attorneys will ensure that you receive the benefits you deserve from your injury. Varying on the case, claims may be denied based on insufficient information. If a case was wrongfully denied, the attorneys at O’Connor Law will support your case and assist you in receiving potential benefits.

Explain Additional Benefit Opportunities
Depending on certain cases, people may be eligible to receive other benefit programs in addition to workers’ compensation, such as unemployment and Social Security. Although this is possible for some people, there are specific circumstances and requirements that must be completed in order to receive additional benefit programs. Attorneys will be able to assist people in determining whether they are eligible to receive more than one benefit program.

Face Insurance Companies
Insurance companies will try to decrease the amount of rightful benefits that you deserve. Attorneys will ensure that clients receive all the benefits that they are entitled to. Insurance companies may attempt to persuade clients in believing that they are not entitled to certain benefits. By hiring a worker’s compensation attorney, they will face the insurance company and determine which benefits their clients are rightfully entitled to.

Follow Legal Procedures
Attorneys will work with their clients by following the necessary and appropriate legal steps regarding their case. From attending court hearings to facing insurance companies, attorneys will support their client throughout the entire legal process.

Receive a Free Initial Consultation
After calling our office, our staff will schedule a free consultation for people to meet with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. During the meeting, the attorney will be able to provide professional information and legal advice, such as the next steps regarding their case.

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