Worker Injuries Cause Ashley Furniture To Be Fined $1.76 Million

The Ashley Furniture Plant in Wisconsin has had over 1000 injuries in the last 3.5 years leading to a heavy investigation by The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The investigation has led to the company being fined $1.76 million for repeated serious safety violations.

Ashley Furniture is disputing these claims, stating that their workers’ safety is their priority, but their record says otherwise. They have the next two weeks to officially contest the findings, which they say they are planning to do.

The company claims that most of the injuries were minor injuries such as muscle sprains and many of them did not require the employees to miss any time at work. According to OSHA there have been several very serious injuries, including at least one employee losing several of his fingers.

Often workers at a large company believe that they have to accept the fact that they work in dangerous conditions. This is not the case. A good workers’ compensation attorney will know that there needs to be an investigation and can contact the proper authorities to do so.

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