Liquor Store Worker Robbed at Gunpoint Receives Workers’ Compensation

A manager at a liquor store in Morrisville PA was recently held up at gunpoint while working. A masked robber held a gun to his head, and duct-taped him to a chair in 2008 while robbing the store. The case recently went in favor of the manager, who had to fight for his benefits.

The Liquor Control Board and it’s insurance company initially tried to deny his claim stating that robberies are a “normal working condition” and therefore his post-traumatic stress disorder would not qualify him for benefits.

His attorney stated that if the manager had been shot during the robbery, he would have received his benefits almost immediately. However, somewhat ironically, since he followed store procedures and saved himself and his coworkers, he had to fight to receive his benefits.

Between the years of 2002-2009 there were nearly 100 robberies at liquor stores in the Philadelphia area.

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