Store In Mechanicsburg Faces Charges For Operating Without Workers’ Compensation Insurance

On The Run Mart Inc., a convenience store in Mechanicsburg PA, is facing charges for operating almost two years without having any workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. The Vice President of the company, Sultan Bhatti, will be charged with 686 misdemeanor charges.

According to Pennsylvania state laws, the business was not exempt from providing workers’ compensation insurance for its employees, and each day that employees worked without insurance counts as a separate offense against the business and the vice president who operated the business without the required insurance. Employees had worked at the store from 2009-2010, and again in 2011.

In PA, every business must have workers’ compensation insurance unless they are officially exempt as a self-insurer by the Self-Insurance Division of the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. Luckily for On The Run Mart, none of their employees were injured during their employment there, but that doesn’t exempt them from having to have the required insurance.

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