Even with Hurricane Sandy Behind Us, PA Motorists Urged to Heed “Turn Around, Don’t Drive” Law

Now that Hurricane Sandy has passed through our area, we hope that all of our staff, clients, and neighbors made it through with minimal damage. But as we recover from the storm, we’d like to remind everyone about the “Turn Around, Don’t Drive” law that was put in place in July.

Under this new law, it is a summary offense to drive past, around, or through a sign or traffic-control devise used to close a road because of an existing or potential hazardous situation. Violators can face a fine up to $250. If a violator must be rescued by first responders, emergency workers, or a tow truck, the fine can be between $250 and $500.

With roads in our area still closed due to the storm, we strongly urge motorists to heed the “Turn Around, Don’t Drive” law. Don’t put yourself in danger, or possibly any emergency personnel who may be required to rescue you.

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