New Report Shows Older Workers Don’t Generate Higher Workers’ Comp Claims

A new study released this week by NCCI Holdings Inc. shows that an aging workforce has less of a negative impact on workers’ comp claim than previously thought.

According to an article on, the NCCI report found that workers across different ages share “remarkably similar” types of work injuries. This is in contrast to a report last year by the same company, that found workers over 35 years of age generated higher-than-average claims compared to workers aged 15 to 34.

The report gave the example of “sprain of neck.” Claims of this injury are “virtually identical” for younger and older workers. Also, the report said that high severity diagnoses that tend to be more common in older workers are becoming more common in younger workers.

In addition, while employers focus on retaining older workers, they are also putting safety and loss control programs into place to reduce injuries.

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