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Recently, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that a traveling salesperson was eligible for workers compensation after he was injured in a car crash following a work-sponsored happy hour in 2015. The injured salesman works for the corporate apparel company Cintas Corporation.

According to Law360, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justices ruled that that the state’s “traveling employee doctrine” applied to the situation. Even though the event was a work-sponsored happy hour and voluntary, the Cintas employee still on the job at the event unless Cintas could prove that he wasn’t.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s ruling was unanimous, and it overturned a 2019 ruling from Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Court. Even if work may not have been discussed at company happy hour, the event still benefited the employer by fostering relationships and improving morale.

Throughout the past year and continuing into 2021, mailing services have been severely affected by the global pandemic. As a result, mail and packages have been delivered at a very slow pace. Notably, individuals who receive Workers’ Compensation have also been affected by the delay in deliveries. Many clients have reported not receiving their compensation checks or files on time, which can cause numerous complications with their health, expenses, or daily living.

Since the spring of 2020, online ordering has drastically increased as people began to purchase more items online than in stores. In compliance with the current health protocols, the United States Postal Service (USPS) decided to reduce the working hours for employees, as well as the number of employees that are working simultaneously. In addition, workers have also missed work if they were diagnosed or have been in contact with people with COVID-19. The CDC advises that people should stay home for 2 weeks following a diagnosis or direct contact with COVID-19. As a result, hundreds of thousands of USPS employees had to miss work. This combination resulted in a prolonged delivery time to receive items in the mail.

Many people who receive Workers’ Compensation rely on their payments in order to pay for their medical bills, prescriptions, and any additional expenses. People receiving Workers’ Compensation may also experience a delay in their medication delivery. If individuals have severe health issues, they rely on receiving their medication as prescribed by their doctor. There has also been reports of issues with receiving compensation payments. When their payments are weeks late, they may have difficulties paying for their expenses. A recipient who receives their Workers’ Compensation benefits later than expected can be eligible to receive alternative payment methods. Common alternatives can include mobile payments and direct deposits, which will be unaffected by the current mailing delays.

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