Springtime Construction Accidents

With the weather warming up many of us know that this means construction season is starting back up. While for a lot of residents across PA this means traffic backups and a lot of loud noise, for some of the hardest working people in our state this means they will be getting back out to work in the outdoors repairing and building our roadways, buildings and other large scale projects.

With this time of productivity comes some inherent dangers for our men and women in construction. Road crews will be working just a few feet away from drivers, building crews will be walking the tops of structures, and many other dangerous situations will take place that are unfortunately necessary for the work to get done.

Common on the job injuries during the summer months include heat stroke, dehydration, car accidents, falls and more. If you do work outdoors, remember to stay hydrated and stay cool as dehydration and overheating can lead to slower reaction times, loss of balance and other difficulties that can make you more likely to become injured at work.

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