Insurance Company Will Not Renew Workers’ Comp Policy for Borough of Nazareth, PA

According to an article on, the borough of Nazareth, PA will need to look for a new insurance company for their workers’ comp policy. This is due to excessive claims totaling nearly $1.1 million from 2009 to 2012.

The article said that Nazareth Mayor Fred Daugherty explained that 98% of the workers’ comp claims during that period were from police department personnel.

“Travelers was the only company that would provide us a workers’ compensation policy. Our only option now is to go to the state fund, and we can’t even get a figure on that yet,” said Mayor Daugherty. However, he did not go into detail regarding what has caused the rise in claims.

The top five insurance companies that provide workers’ comp insurance in Pennsylvania are Liberty Mututal, State Workers’ Insurance Fund, American International Group, Old Republic Insurance Group, and Zurich Financial Services NA Group.

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