FedEx Ground Drivers Seek to Reclassify Their Jobs to Qualify for Workers’ Comp Benefits

On Oct. 2, FedEx Ground drivers in New York, New Jersey, and Montana delivered a complaint to FedEx Ground Package System Inc. in Moon Township, PA, regarding their classification as independent drivers rather than employees.

j0409662.jpgAn article in the Memphis Business Journal reported that the complaint, filed by the State of New York’s Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, stated that “more than 1,000” FedEx delivery drivers should be reclassified as employees, citing reasons including FedEx’s control of their work schedules, the strict monitoring of their delivery process, and their inability to bargain over their operating agreements.

As a result of the misclassification, drivers in New York, New Jersey, and Montana could not receive workers’ compensation benefits and could not be protected by anti-discrimination laws, labor relation laws, and other laws that protect workers.

All employers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are required by law to have insurance for workers’ compensation coverage for every employee. If an employee suffers an injury in the course of employment, workers’ compensation can provide for lost wages and medical expenses.

FedEx Ground is a division of Memphis-based FedEx Corp. FedEx has until Oct. 27 to respond to the complaint.

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