Expanded Unemployment Benefits Available

Help is may be available for unemployed workers who have exhausted their unemployment benefits.
According to a news released issued recently by the state Department of Labor and Industry, the U.S. Department of Labor and Industry recently notified the state that its “high unemployment period” with a rate of 8.1 percent has triggered the availability of extended benefits.
HUP EB may be paid to claimants who have exhausted all of their regular state unemployment compensation, federal emergency unemployment compensation, and regular Pennsylvania extended benefits.
Requirements are the same for HUP EB and the regular EB program. A claimant must actively search for work during each week benefits are claimed.
The department will notify individuals who may be elegible for the extended benefits and the amount available for each person who qualifies will vary.
The first round of benefits were payable the the week ending Nov. 12, and the final payments will be made the week ending Dec. 31.

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