Chemical Exposure At Work

A huge part of people’s lives is spent at work. So there is a good chance of being injured at work. To prevent injury, one should follow company policies and OSHA safety standards. They should also wear proper safety gear when required and be properly trained at what they are doing. Even after being careful and following safety rules, there is still a possibility of a workplace injury. Accidents can happen in an instant or even over time.

In Washington, a woman filed a claim for workers’ compensation with the Department of Labor and Industry. The claim was for chemical exposure during the course of her employment with The Boeing Company. The exposure permanently aggravated her preexisting asthma, and she needed ongoing medical treatment as a result of these combined injuries. The department determined that the combined effects of the claimant’s preexisting asthma and the aggravation of this condition during her Boeing employment rendered her permanently totally disabled.

How did she know the chemical exposure would aggravate her asthma? She might not have known she was being exposed. Many chronic illnesses occur long after exposure has ended and are generally not identified as work-related. Because of this it is important to have a lawyer on your side. You need an experienced lawyer who understands workers’ compensation law, a lawyer that will fight for the rights of the injured. Call our office for a free consultation and case review.

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