Watch Out for Workers’ Comp Injuries in the Summer

An article this week in the Harford Business Journal online warned that summer is the peak season for workers’ compensation claims at small businesses. According to Travelers Cos. Inc., those 30 and under are most prone to injury.

Most common are trips and falls with workers under 30 making up almost one-third of those with on-the-job injuries.

But there are some things you can do to avoid an on-the-job injury:

Pay Attention During Safety Training. It can be difficult to sit through at times, but do your best to stay alert and pay attention during safety training. You’ll learn safe work practices, personal protective equipment if it’s required for your job, and the procedures you should follow if an accident does occur.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings. Make sure there is nothing around you that you might trip over or that might cause you to fall.

When an Accident Occurs. There should be a process in place at your company if an accident does take place. Make sure you know the steps for letting your employer know that you were injured so that you can get the care you require.

Stay Hydrated If You’re Working Outdoors. Keep plenty of water on hand if you work in the direct sun. Replenishing your body with water will keep you from becoming dehydrated.

Follow these tips to help keep your workplace safe this summer!

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