Unemployed Help Clean Up Pine Grove Flood Damage

Work is underway to help prevent flooding along Swatara Creek in Pine Grove Borough and recently unemployed workers are doing much of the work.
According to WNEP.com a federal grant is paying to remove debris from the creek to allow the water to run more smoothly during periods of heavy rain and not back up flooding homes and businesses.
With the job market being tight, the local workers are taking on the cleanup project to help pay the bills. Some of the workers said they are jumping into new territory with the river cleanup, but that is just fine with them.
Project coordinators said this is why the project was designed-to help people and places.
“It helps municipalities. There is no real financial burden on them and it helps displaced workers find some employment,” said Joe Slovick, project coordinator, told WNEP.
Organizers said there is plenty of work with the Pine Grove cleanup to keep workers busy, even longer than first designated.
“Our program is designed to work for six months but because of the time frame and magnitude of work, our program will go to December 2012,” Slovick said.

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