Tips for Handling a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Tips for handling a Workers’ Compensation Claim
Unfortunately injuries happen daily. It’s important that you know what the proper steps are in order to protect your interests and any possible claim you may have for workers’ compensation. Here are a few helpful hints when dealing with workers’ compensation:
1st – Many injured employees will ignore a serious injury; often times not reporting it to their employer for several days. This can result in many problems if you seek to file a claim. It is important that if you’re hurt on the job you inform your employer the day in which it happened. Some insurance companies may try to deny or delay a valid claim due to the simple fact that the claimant did not inform them of an injury. Almost all companies have injury procedures in place and it is important to follow the procedures which are in place. This will help to insure that you receive everything which you deserve.
2nd – When injured on the job, it is crucial that you seek medical attention immediately. Sometimes injured workers tend to put off meeting with a doctor. It is essential in the workers’ compensation process that the injured employee seeks prompt medical attention. The worker should be guided by his or her supervisor through this process.
3rd – An insurance adjuster may contact the injured employee to determine if the claim is progressing properly. The adjuster may ask for a statement from the injured. It is imperative that you realize that any statement which you may give has implications to your claim. We suggest that you seek legal assistance immediately. Once the claimant has established a relationship with an attorney, the adjuster will no longer contact the person directly, but will speak directly with counsel.
4th – It is also very important that the injured follow all guidelines set by the doctor, such as only lifting a certain amount of weight or “light duty”. If the worker violates any of the set guidelines he or she may have a loss or reduction in benefits.
5th – The injured worker needs to follow the procedures outlined by both their employer and the insurance adjuster. Throughout the healing process, the injured workers will be monitored by their physician and the claims adjuster.

Once again it’s important to notify your employer immediately in the event that you’re injured at work. Waiting to report an injury or trying to handle things on your own can cause problems for you and may seriously impede your ability to file a claim. It’s also important to consult with an attorney who has experience and knows the workers’ compensation system. That’s where O’Connor Law can help. We are experienced, respected, and trusted in the area of workers’ compensation. Call us for a free consultation and review of your case at 1-(800) 518-4LAW or visit our website Offices located Frackville, Allentown, Bala Cynwyd, Bloomsburg, Hazleton, Lancaster, Pittsburgh, Reading, Scranton, Stroudsburg, Sunbury, Wilkes-Barre, and Williamsport

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