State Program Provides Guidance to Those Recently Laid Off

As working men and women try to gain some footing in the recession, we were happy to read a recent article by The Morning Call of Allentown ( about a workshop held at Pennsylvania CareerLink Lehigh Valley that helped those laid off from the Wells Fargo call center in Bethlehem learn how to navigate the job market.

Joyce Sivell, a client services manager at CareerLink, was quoted as saying, “Losing a job is like a death in the family. It’s like having a rug ripped out from beneath you.”

These workshops are hosted by the state to help those who have lost their jobs in a bleak job market.

Laid off workers learn how to file for unemployment compensation, what health care options and job training opportunities were available, and where to find credit counseling and other social services that are available for assistance.

Attendees also learned how they could use part-time work to stretch out their unemployment compensation, as well as state-subsidized health insurance programs that can lower their health care costs while looking for a job.

If you’ve been laid off during this recession, it can be a struggle to keep yourself afloat. If you were injured on the job before you were laid off, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation. Contact the workers’ compensation attorneys at O’Connor Law for a free review of your case.

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