Schuylkill County High School Students Hard at Work This Summer

A recent report shows that high school employment is the lowest it has been since 1990. But that doesn’t seem to have detered teenagers here in Schuylkill County.

“We probably hired three or four less this year, only because we’re trying to cut costs in certain areas,” said Pottsville City Administrator Thomas A. Palamar. He said the city hired 85 students to work at the swimming pool and the street department.

According to an article on the, the National Center for Education Statistics reported that only 16 percent of high school students were employed in 2010 comparent to 32 percent in 1990. The report also said that fewer high school students are working, although there has been no change in the leven of extracurricular activities.

Here in Schuylkill County, there were many more student applicants looking for work with the street department. Neighboring Minersville is experiencing the same trend.

In this troubled economy and with unemployment still at a high, it’s encouraging to hear this news. We applaud the hard work of our local students and hope that they take some time to enjoy the summer!

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