Pain of Federal Furloughs Still to Come

Many people thought the federal spending cuts that began on March 1 would mean interruption of government services for the public. Although there have been delays and cutbacks on furloughs, experts say the disruption is slowly but surely on its way.

According to an article on, federal courts will be the first to feel the impact. Those charged with federal crimes may see delays in their cases. One judge estimated that nationwide 2,000 judiciary workers would be laid off or furloughed this year.

Beginning in late April, almost 47,000 Federal Aviation Administration workers will be placed on unpaid leave for one day in each two-week pay period for a total of 11 days. That could mean that travelers flying domestic airlines might start noticing delayed flights with fewer air traffic controllers at work. Doug Church, spokesman for the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, is quoted in the article as saying, “Everyone will continue to do their jobs as best they can. But we’re not optimistic about current levels of efficiency being maintained.”

The Department of Housing and Urban Development begins it first of seven furlough days on May 24. The agency is responsible for maintaining public housing and distributing housing vouchers.

Some furloughs have been pushed back to lessen the workforce cuts for other groups, such as the military and federal food inspectors.

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