NJ Casino Dealer Wins Workers’ Comp Case

Workers’ compensation laws were put in place to insure that those who are injured on the job are compensated for their injuries. Whether an injury took place on an employers premises can stretch the interpretation of workers’ comp law, as in the recent case of a NJ casino dealer who was injured as she was leaving her place of employment.

According to an article on USAToday.com, an appellate court has ruled that Harrah’s Atlantic City must cover the workers’ comp claim of an employee who was injured in a car accident as she was leaving the casino because one foot of the rear of her vehicle was still on the casino’s driveway.

The article noted that this was the second decision to rule in the employee’s favor. Earlier in 2013 a judge with the state Division of Workers’ Compensation ruled on behalf of the injured employee’s claim.

Her employer, Harrah’s, tried to say that the employee and the front of her vehicle were in a public roadway. A security camera at the scene showed the rear bumper of her car extending onto Harrah’s property. The appellate decision noted that a key issue was whether she “was still in the course of her employment with Harrah’s when the accident occurred.” The decision also said that an employee was considered to be on the job until they leave their place of employment.

This case goes to show that there can be different interpretations of the workers’ comp law. It’s best to consult with an attorney who handles workers’ compensation claims to be sure you are getting the representation you deserve.

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