New Debit Cards for Those in PA on Workers’ Comp

This week, State Treasurer Rob McCord announced that new State Debit Cards will be issued to current users that can be used at more ATMs, have new options, and less fees.

According to an article on, the new debit card program will save Pennsylvanians over $5 million in fees. The ATM network has been expanded to included 3200 machines that card holders can use for free. Customer service will be provided and fees will drop drastically.

Over 150,000 Pennsylvanians are active card holders and currently receive workers’ comp and unemployment benefits through these cards.

According to the article, the last deposit on current debit cards will be on March 15. After that date, all money will be deposited into the new accounts for the new debit cards. New cards will begin mailing out in late February. Users will have six months to use the rest of the funds on the old debit card.

If you are on workers’ comp and receive payments through a State Debit Card, be sure to keep an eye out for your new card to avoid any delays with this transition.

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