Kraft Foods in Hanover Township Gearing Up for Transition

The news that workers at Kraft Foods in Hanover Township would be working for a contractor, Genpact, has caused mixed emotions at the facility, according to an article on

A bid form that was made public revealed there are plans to move some of the Kraft operations to a facility in India in 2015. But in the article, a company spokesperson said that the business is growing. There are plans to renovate the Hanover Township facility so they can employ up to approximately 600 jobs. The current facility has 350 workers.

In the article, Genpact said that except for a management team, it would offer work to rest of the 350 workers currently employed by Kraft. But current employees are still skeptical. In addition, they say doesn’t offer the same vacation and retirement plans as they have with Kraft. They are also concerned about the benefits and the work environment that Genpact will offer.

We hope for the best for these Kraft workers and the company as this transition unfolds.

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