Kansas Slaughterhouse Workers Granted Class-Action Status

As our economy continues to struggle, we’ve all come to value our jobs, no matter what type of work it is. But with jobs at such a premium, some employers see it as an opportunity to take advantage of their employees. A sad example is offered in an article by the Associated Press about a slaughterhouse in Kansas that allegedly has not been paying employees for all time worked.

According to the article, hourly employees receive “gang time” compensation, which means employees are only paid when product is moving. Also, employees are only paid for a total of 10 minutes to put on and remove protective gear. Workers claim they are not being paid for all the time they work.

As a result, a lawsuit has been filed on behalf of nearly 700 workers at the slaughterhouse. Today a federal judge granted conditional class-action status that would include all hourly production employees. The judge also ordered that notice of the lawsuit must be posted in English and Spanish at the facility.

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