California Roofing Contractor Found Guilty of Workers’ Comp Fraud

According to an article on the, a Murietta, CA roofing contractor pleaded guilty to 16 felony counts, including perjury, filing false documents, and making false statements, for failing to provide workers’ comp insurance for an employee who injured himself.

The article reported that, according to prosecutors, the roofing contractor purchased the minimum workers’ compensation insurance policy for his company, then reported that he had no employees. To hide their employment, he paid his workers in cash and submitted inaccurate payrolls reports.

When an employee filed a workers’ compensation claim as a result of a fall from a roof, the roofing contractor denied that the man worked for him. As a result, the employee was denied benefits.

The maximum sentence for the convictions is 21 years and eight months in prison. According to prosecutors, the roofing contractor is expected to be sentenced to three years in state prison.

It is the responsibility of a business to provide adequate workers’ compensation insurance for employees. But many times a company will skimp on workers’ comp insurance to save money…at the expense of workers’ health and welfare. You have a right to make a claim when you are injured on the job. Contact the workers’ comp attorneys at O’Connor Law. We’ll work to get you justice.

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