Back Pain is Increasing Drastically and It’s Straining Our Healthcare System

According to an article on, back pain and chronic back pain, as well as the cost associated with each has increased drastically over the past few years. The reason, according to the study, is because of the aging baby boomers, who are now in the stage of life where deteriorating joints can cause pain such as this.

Unfortunately this is putting more of a strain on the resources of the healthcare system. In a study running from the year 2000 they measured a 29% increase in back pain, as well as a 64% increase in chronic back pain, along with an increase of 129% in the amount of money spent on treating these patients! That’s $37.5 billion dollars in one year.

Since around 80% of Americans will experience back pain at some time in their life, here are some ways to make it a little less painful if you are suffering from short term back pain:

  • Limit Bed Rest
  • Keep Exercising
  • Maintain Good Pusture
  • See a Specialist
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