Attorney Michael J. O’Connor Named 2011 Labor Partner of the Year at 50th Annual Lehigh Valley Labor Council Awards Dinner

Lehigh_Award.jpgOne of the ways that we measure the success of the work that we do is by reviewing comments and feedback from our clients. So we were truly honored when Attorney O’Connor was named Labor Partner of the Year by union members of the Lehigh Valley Labor Council. We’re proud to share this good news with you.

Attorney Michael J. O’Connor, founder of O’Connor Law, was named Labor Partner of the Year at the 2011 Lehigh Valley Labor Council Awards Dinner which took place in Northampton, Pennsylvania and was held at the Northampton Memorial Community Center. The event took place on Friday, April 29, 2011.

At the annual dinner, Attorney O’Connor was named labor partner of the year. This prestigious award is given to the person and/or business who have contributed to the local unions throughout the past years.

“O’Connor Law joins a prestigious group of previous recipients of this award such as Capital Blue Cross and Verizon on unwavering support of working families in the Lehigh Valley and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” said Lehigh Valley Labor Council President Gregg Potter.

The annual Lehigh Valley Labor Council Awards Dinner featured President Gregg Potter, speakers Michael Kessler, Chairperson of the Northeast PA ALF, Dave Fillman PA State Director, AFSCME and keynote speaker Cecil Roberts, President, UMWA. Also attending the event were many members of adjoining unions. The annual event provides an opportunity for unions to come together for one special night to show their partnership and strength.

“We at O’Connor Law are proud to be a part of this prestigious group and are honored to be nominated for Labor Partner of the Year. We are committed to fighting for the rights of working men and women in the State of Pennsylvania.” Attorney Michael J. O’Connor.

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