Approximately 80 Workers Laid Off by Commonwealth Health

According to an article on, approximately 80 workers were told this week that they were being laid off from their jobs with Commonwealth Health. The company is the owner of Wilkes-Barre General. The layoffs will take place this spring among business office workers.

The layoffs are a result of consolidation with the regional service center in Bethlehem. Workers who are being laid off will have the option to apply for positions with the Lehigh Valley office.

As the country continues to rebound in this tough economy, a layoff can strike a devastating blow to families just struggling to get by. Depending on the position being closed and the company’s policies, a worker who is laid off may be provided with a severance package, to help them financially until they find another job. If a worker has been injured on the job and has not sought workers’ compensation benefits, it’s often in their best interest to explore those options before the date when they are officially laid off from their job.

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